Law firms spend heavily to bring in laterals - but think the integration plan ends with a press release.


Managing partners regularly tout lateral hiring as part of their growth strategy.

But they admit fewer than a third of their laterals have been retained and actively contribute to the firm’s growth. 

What’s the disconnect? Many firms make the expensive assumption that laterals will find their way without developing a framework for them to succeed.

The Brumbaugh Group's MAX process of messaging, awareness and execution ensures laterals are armed with customized messaging for clients and prospects from day one.

A strategic integration plan then generates internal and external awareness, holds laterals accountable and brings to fruition the client transfer and cross-selling opportunities discussed in the courting process.

Let us help your laterals deliver their ROI.


Ensure Your Laterals Are:

Armed with customized messaging on day one

Quickly integrated within
the firm matrix

Held accountable for delivering on their promises

Made to feel welcome and less likely to leave