While Fortune 500 companies invest heavily in internal communications, professional services firms have been slow to adapt.


Professional services firms say their people are their most important asset, but most fail to keep this audience informed about strategic pursuits and the firm's day-to-day activities.

Fortune 500 and consumer products companies have long harnessed internal communications to impact the bottom line. These companies see the value of regularly communicating their strategy and the good work being done in their offices and departments around the world.

As a result, they see dramatically improved productivity and engagement from employees who understand where their firm is headed and their role in its success.

Law firms in particular have been slow to embrace this trend, leaving partners and staff feeling disconnected from their firms and likely to look elsewhere.

The Brumbaugh Group has years of experience building internal communications functions at professional services firms. We can help you better leverage your messages and engage your people.


Internal Communications

Improve cross-selling

Increase retention of attorneys and staff

Create engaged, productive teams

Expand the impact of diversity and community engagement efforts